Empowering Families by Empowering Women

The Oman Chapter of BHAVALAYA, a global platform for promotion of Art & Culture organized Colours 2019 on 6th Feb evening at the Auditorium of the Indian Embassy in Muscat. The program was graced by the HE Munu Mahawar – Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman as Chief Guest. The Guest of Honor was Professor Yusra Mouzughi, Vice Chancellor, Muscat University and special guest was HE Doho Kang, Ambassador of Korea to the Sultanate.

It was a unique treat for Art Connoisseurs with 16 beautiful and unique paintings on display made by 4 Omani and 4 Indian Artists on the theme “Empowering Families by Empowering Women. “

HE Munu Mahawar spoke on the similarities in Omani and Indian culture and how the women in the family represented the strength and power around which the entire family grows. He especially thanked HM for his benevolence and his leadership that has resulted in so much progress of Oman and its people including the Omani women who were reaching new heights in all aspects of life regularly. 

The idea to have a fusion of paintings, speakers, poetry and dance performance is the brain child of Dr. J. Retnakumar, Founder and Chairman of BHAVALAYA which he had been conceptualizing for a long time and finally gave form on this eventful evening. He conveyed during the program that “Without empowering of women, empowering of families cannot happen.”

To create a universal platform for artists of all origin, nature and culture BHAVALAYA is a cultural mirror of the art it serves. The institution offers a diverse platform reflective of the changing society and then celebrates that diversity through performance and exhibition. BHAVALAYA offers a global center for the promotion and propagation of universal art forms including music, drama, classical dance-forms and painting, among others.

Other eminent and notable socialites present at the evening were Mrs. Maryam Al Zadjali, Director, Omani Society of Fine Arts, Dr. Satish Nambiar, Chairman ISC, Dr. Baby Sam Samuel, Chairman, Board of Director of Indian Schools in Oman and Mrs. Devyani Sampat. The program was also graced by the Chief Executives from the supporters for the function M/s NPI, Oman United Insurance, New India Assurance, M/s Arjuwan Shatti and Lakhoos Group.

It was a stupendous evening full of female leads representing as speakers, writers, commentators, presenters as well as performers. While the program was coordinated and presented by team member of BHAVALAYA, Oman Chapter Ms. Namrata Arora, guest speakers were Dr. Shamsa Al Harthy, Mrs. Sushmita Gupta, book release of “The Magical Voyage of the Phoenix” written by Mrs. Amina Yusra on self-empowerment, highly acclaimed Bharatnatyam performance by Mrs. Padmini Krishnamurthy & Kumari Shivani Krishnamurthy and finally the vote of thanks by BHAVALAYA team member Mrs. Komal Talati.

The jam packed hall had a wide variety of audience from teachers, scholars, principals, CEOs, home-makers and eminent personalities from various facets and profession gracing and rejoicing on the women hood in our society and how each women brings with her not just beauty, grace, charm, elegance but also power, will, drive and determination to succeed against all odds and obstacles.

Each painting on display was unique and had a story behind it. The guests were completely soaked by the deep thoughts and feelings behind each painting and wondered how beautifully it is connected to so many souls around each one of us.

The engrossing talks by the speakers, experience sharing poetry and the mesmerizing performance by the artists enthralled and kept the audience so connected that the show had over run from its scheduled closure, went unnoticed with most staying back till the conclusion to enjoy and absorb as much as possible.

The Bharatnatyam performance represented different perspectives of womenhood which not only was preceded by heartful prayers for the well-being of all womenhood in the society but the touching commentary at the beginning of each phase of a women’s life created more curiosity and eagerness to watch it being performed by the duo of mother-daughter combine. 

In the end, the audience was left grasping for more with each one not only thanking the organizers but appreciating the hard work and effort done by the chief architect of the gathering, Dr. J Retnakumar, asking for more as well as inquiring when such a program would happen again.

Thanking the Indian Embassy for not only supporting such eminent artists from different walks of life but also providing a common platform where they could all be brought together under one roof by institutions like BHAVALAYA where all of them could unfold themselves to such a large and interested audience, meant that the evening was leaving all the lucky ones much richer and inspired with knowledge of art, dance, painting and empowered women. BHAVALAYA also thanks Easy Touch Active Media who had managed the event.


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