Jotun Middle East launches “Stories” colour trend collection for 2023 – inspiring homeowners to express their own personal stories

Dubai, UAE - 20 th October 2022 : The colours we surround ourselves with matter more than ever– both in terms of what they say about us, and how they make us feel. Many of us are taking a step back and re-evaluating what matters in our lives. Around the world we are all considering the impact on our environment.

The new Global Colour Card for 2023, Stories: Colour Design by Jotun presents a palette of expressive, hopeful shades. They are purposely designed to inspire a creative ambience in our homes. The 21 colours featured are timeless and not trend driven, but chosen for their positivity, honesty and versatility. In their unique way, they introduce an element of joy into the home.

Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun said: “Colour has an amazing power both to express how we feel about our lives and to shape it. For many people, now is a time for reflection, and thinking about what we value. Colour can be a brilliant way of expressing those values, and reminding us of them, day by day.”

Of the 21 shades featured in this year’s Colour Card, nine are new to the Jotun collection. Jotun’s dedicated colour technology lab in close collaboration with Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen and her team, has created and developed a unique palette of colours ranging from smooth warming neutrals to natural, calming greens and rich, statement reds.

The new colours have been divided into groups of seven, along with existing shades from the Jotun archive to create three perfectly blended colour collections. These unique collections capture different moods and modes of expression, enabling people to easily combine complementary and contrasting shades within each collection. This creates coherent interiors that tell stories about the home and those who live there.

Larsen and her team monitor the mood and mindset of people, cities and societies around the world. These three themes reflect one of the key findings and strong current sociocultural tendencies. The serenity of simplicity: the consolation of nature and the comforting nostalgia of a beautifully curated lifestyle.

“For many of us, the role of the home and what we expect from it has shifted in recent times. It used to be a sanctuary that we returned to and relaxed in, but now that we spend more time at home, we expect even more from it. It has become a place of work, play, rest, and reconnection. Jotun’s new Global Colour Card responds to this by encouraging people to let their homes reflect what matters most to them. To choose colours that inspire them, whatever they are doing. To step back and create from the heart,” said Larsen.

Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager Middle East, India and Africa commented: “We hope the exhibition inspires people to explore the sensory power of colour and to paint their own story. In this collection, we present colours for the new stories expressed in our homes and personal spaces, a selection of tones, tints, and hues selected for their power to create positivity and inspire creative expression. They have not been selected because they are on trend or created to keep up with fashion, but rather because they are timeless, honest, open to an individual’s interpretation and rich in meaning.”

The three colour themes are


 – Slow, soothing colours, soft pastels and healing greens

Focused on minimalism and simplicity, this palette has been designed for cleansed, clutter-free lifestyles. Colours are soft, gentle, and meditative, creating a pared-back spa-like atmosphere that helps you focus and keeps you centered.

“The home should be a place of healing,' Larsen says. ‘A sanctuary where the mind feels at ease and the soul is lifted. Colour plays a powerful role in this sensory landscape, setting the mood, bringing us joy.”

    JOTUN 7038 Dusk Green – gentle, subdued green to restore balance and calm
    JOTUN 8087 Spring Air – a pleasant, fresh greenish yellow for airy atmospheres
    JOTUN 1931 Cashew – the perfect base colour for bright, timeless homes
    JOTUN 1520 Cheerful Peach – a soft, peachy shade that encourages a delicious play of light
    JOTUN 2489 Bella – a joyful, mood-lifting orange that brings a beautiful glow
    JOTUN 20186 Lavender Touch – an adaptable misty purple that calms and soothes
    JOTUN 10678 Space – light, warm beige with both confidence and discretion


 – warm earth tones, muted greens, soft yellows, and oranges

The colours in this palette connect us to the natural world, celebrating rustic lifestyles, crafted artefacts, and the beauty and character of imperfection. These calming landscape shades are ideal for giving interiors a farmhouse-chic aesthetic – or bringing a touch of countryside into the heart of the city.

“Nature is an inherently calming influence,” Larsen notes. “In even the most buzzing city, we can still create spaces that conjure the peace of the natural world and the refreshing simplicity of rustic life.”

    JOTUN 8575 Natural Green – a forest-inspired shade with a calming, grounding effect
    JOTUN 8183 Herb Garden – fresh and invigorating green for an uplifting feeling of space
    JOTUN 1109 Mediterranean Olive – a golden touch, imbuing the space with natural warmth
    JOTUN 1276 Soft – A golden, light-toned neutral for a softer the ambience
    JOTUN 11012 Rustic Brown – truly timeless and endlessly versatile, a rustic earthy tone
    JOTUN 12123 Contemporary White – modern, everyday white – ideal for smooth transitions
    JOTUN 1536 Burnt Ochre – a warm, burnt hue that envelops and surprises


– sophisticated reds, gallery-style naturals, blue accents

A balanced and curated combination of nostalgic tones and contemporary colours, this timeless palette is perfect for cultivating a home-as-art-gallery feel. It’s a confident blend of tradition and modernity conducive to truly personal creative expression.

“Our aim with this palette was to channel the comfort of nostalgia, without getting stuck in the past,” Larsen says. “By combining some antique touches with a modern sensibility, we’ve created an artistic and sophisticated family of colours.”

   JOTUN 20208 Poetry Red – elegant and confident with a whisper of nostalgia
    JOTUN 2951 Sophisticated Red – the deep, refined fusion of velvet and burgundy
    JOTUN 20207 Statement Red – a head-turning feature colour with a story to tell
    JOTUN 12080 Soft Radiance – a generous golden tone to flood the room with light
    JOTUN 0486 Early Rain – a timeless white tone for a light and airy atmosphere
    JOTUN 10430 Soft Savanna – a subdued golden brown, evoking a beautiful landscape
    JOTUN 5530 Collected Blue – a thoughtful and composed blue with an aura of timelessness


Colour Design by Jotun is styled by Oslo-based creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio, Jotun’s long-standing collaborators, who have brought each theme vividly to life. The collection is now available in Jotun stores across the Middle East.


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