Let’s talk hobbies

Hobbies are a great way of relaxing and using one’s own unique talents. People invest their time in a variety of different hobbies like fishing, coin collecting, playing chess, singing etc. Some people even have the unique ability to convert their hobbies into their careers. 

There are hobbies associated with flowers too! Some you might be familiar with and some you might want to cultivate if it peaks your interest.


Gardening is a common hobby whether your live in a house with some land or are a balcony gardener. The pleasure of seeing your hard work transform into colourful blooms on a plant or tree is an amazing feeling. Gardening can also have great health benefits. To get into this hobby all you will need is some space, pots, soil and some seeds or saplings.  . There are plenty of gardening groups on social media for likeminded people to connect so get into one to get the best tips from others. 

Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers is a great way of preserving their beauty before they fade away forever. The process involves removing the moisture from the petals or leaves by dehydrating them. Most commonly this is done with the use of a press made from wood and thick paper. Even pressing flowers between pages of thick books can yield great results but ensure that you do not press in a way that will directly stain the book. Pressed flowers can be used as décor on cards, ceramics tables and much more. It combines a love of nature and artistic expression.

Flower arrangement

Floristry is the arranging of flowers and has proven to be a great hobby for enjoyment, creativity and also calming for those who are prone to anxiety. It has been described as using nature to create something artistic. This is an easy to begin hobby with a basic vase and some fresh blooms from your florist or from the garden. Get on social media for inspiration and to add your own creations for other to enjoy. If you are publicity shy this can also be perfect as you own creative outlet without making a noise about it.


Photography of flowers is again an amazingly creative hobby that allows you to spend time in nature and capture beautiful pictures. Flowers make great subject whether they are stand alone, bunched together, on a plant or in any other form. The colours are a photographer’s delight and they make for great photographs outside in sunlight and also indoors as part of interior decoration. 

Column provided by Flora D’lite

Flora D’Lite is a floral boutique that opened in early 2021. The brand currently has 2 outlets in Qurum (next to Fun Zone) and Seeb (Links, Muscat Hills). The outlets supply fresh and artificial flowers, indoor plants, forever flowers, chocolates, accessories and vases.

The company also owns its own e-commerce platform www.floradlite.com which offers online services and delivery within the Muscat and Sohar area. 



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