Make a bold statement with Columbian Roses

When you gift roses the receiver will no doubt enjoy the beautiful flowers. Now how about elevating that gift by giving them the bigger and more premium quality version? Introducing you to the Columbian rose - a long lasting prized variety.

So what is unique about these blooms? Read on

Their size

The heads of these roses are noticeably fuller and made up of a lot more pretty petals. The roses are grown in special climatic conditions which and their natural virtues can be attributed to geography and climate conditions in the region where roses are cultivated.

They make a statement

These roses are known to be the best in the world and are a quality gift. You cannot help but notice that they are different from the usual varieties. It is no wonder that they are acclaimed and sought after all over the world. A bouquet of Columbian Roses is sure to make that special someone look twice and pay attention.

They come in beautiful colours

Another feature that’scaptured interest in Columbian roses is the wide variety of colours and colour combinations. They come in single colours and also many roses have mixed colored hues, making them even more appealing. The conditions under which they are grown result in an exciting plethora of astounding colours.

They are not easily available and are unique

Special care needs to be taken while shipping this beauty and it is not easily available with florists everywhere. In Oman, Flora D’lite exclusively houses the beautiful Columbian Rose and they may be
ordered in advance on demand. So needless to say this is not a flower you will see in everyone’s house and that makes it a unique, beautiful and premium offering.

Column provided by Flora D’lite

Flora D’Lite is a floral boutique that opened in early 2021. The brand currently has 2 outlets in Qurum (next to Fun Zone) and Seeb (Links, Muscat Hills). The outlets supply fresh and artificial flowers, indoor plants, forever flowers, chocolates, accessories and vases. The company also owns its own e-commerce platform www.floradlite.com which offers online services and delivery within the Muscat and Sohar area.


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