Prudent vs Extravagant Shopping

Shopping online has opened up our world to a whole new dynamic. In the old days one would wait for shopping catalogues to go over in a mail and then pore over the contents carefully marking the most favorable items. Not anymore! With online ‘catalogues’ available 24/7 and updated regularly one can choose from a variety like never before. This means more options and while that is a good thing in many ways it can cause someone to get carried away on their online shopping spree. How one meet the balance between a good spend and a compulsive purchase? 

A good thing to have in mind before hitting the shopping websites is the budget you have set aside for this purchase. Most people allocate a recreational or entertainment budget and having some ides of your spending range ensures that you don’t go overboard. Be on the lookout for discount codes and special deals as most shopping sites feature them.  Take advantage of these offers and go through different categories to view your best options. 

If shopping for gifts, pairing together smaller gifts might be a good idea. Some websites like www.floradlite.com offer combination suggestions but you could make your own. A small bouquet of classic roses and a cake could be a good example of this. Of course there are those occasions where the budget is not a limit. In those instances go for what you think the recipient might enjoy the most. A gift well-chosen will always be well received. Happy shopping!


Column provided by Flora D’lite

Flora D’Lite is a floral boutique that opened in early 2021. The brand currently has 2 outlets in Qurum (next to Fun Zone) and Seeb (Links, Muscat Hills). The outlets supply fresh and artificial flowers, indoor plants, forever flowers, chocolates, accessories and vases.

The company also owns its own e-commerce platform www.floradlite.com which offers online services and delivery within the Muscat and Sohar area. 



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