Staycations Done Right - Sifawy Boutique Hotel at Jebel Sifah

If the thought of stepping onto a sun-soaked balcony overlooking plush marina views, the expansive Arabian sea, and the not-so-distant rocky mountains seems enticing, then the 45-minute drive from Muscat to Sifawy Boutique Hotel is the inherent calling for relaxation that you should not hesitate to address. Once an undiscovered jewel, Sifah has been famed for witnessing a transformation with the launch of the Jebel Sifah integrated tourism complex and its popular Sifawy Boutique Hotel upholds the same balance of luxury and relaxation that the developers pride themselves for. 

The hotel is also a reflection of Jebel Sifah’s idea of infusing modernity with nature. A short, palm-tree-lined driveway leads to the hotel’s elegantly minimalistic porch where playful shadows cast from the intricately carved wood latticework adorning the exterior walls welcome guests as they make their way into the chic lobby. While checking in, take a moment to step into the balcony for a glimpse of what lies on the other side and a seemingly different world will open up. Just a level below is the bustling Al Sabla restaurant with beaming servers, a long stretch of a cemented walkway flanked by contemporary buildings on one side and the sparkling waters of the marina on the other, and the sound of friendly cheer from guests and residents.  

Talking about balconies, probably the most striking attribute of Sifawy’s Marina View suite was, once again, its balcony. It is impossible to not feel instantly revitalized as you open the French windows to breathe in the crisp ocean air while stepping out to stunning views of the marina. With a focus on open spaces, the wide balcony has wooden tables and chairs and a perfectly-positioned sunbed under a wooden canopy – almost as though reading the guests’ minds on exactly how they’d want to spend their day.  

The fascination with woodwork continues to feature more subtly in the rooms against a backdrop of calming blues and soft whites. A spacious living room, a comfortable bed, ample storage cupboards, and a well-stocked bathroom all contribute to the comfort factor of the rooms. 

On a winter day, soaking some sun on the balcony while listening to the crashing waves and the occasional revving of a boat’s engine might seem idealistic, but the other equally tempting alternative is a dip in the pool. The inviting pool area has ample sunbeds (that even bear the sanitized and safe label) and umbrellas, and the swimming pool itself comes with a Jacuzzi. For children, there is a separate kids’ pool on the side too.

Apart from poolside relaxation, the hotel is well-geared to address the needs of guests seeking a little sport or adventure. While the Jebel Sifah golf course is only a buggy ride away, the hotel also has personalized itineraries including bike rides, a wide array of water sports, and camping activities for those who want to explore the area further. 

And if you feel your appetite building up after a day full of activities (or even doing blissfully nothing), then head over to the Al Sabla restaurant that offers sumptuous meals and excellent buffet options. Fusing international cuisines with local favorites, the restaurant is a favorite amongst those in Sifah. With both indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks the marina, it is common to see diners dining al fresco all through the day.  

The Sifawy Boutique Hotel has long since been a popular getaway spot not just amongst city dwellers but even tourists who want to soak in the serenity of the sand and sea while simultaneously enjoying the comfort, luxury, and services offered by a top-notch hotel. 



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