The changing face of Berger Paints retail outlets

The new retail outlets of Berger Paints is designed to transform customers into a world of colour and inspiration providing a 360 degree access to all they need to know about interior or exterior paints. 18 outlets have already been rolled out with another 40 expected to be revamped in the next two years.

17 September 2017, Muscat: There are times when you just love a colour but then, practicality kicks in – will this colour look good in my home? Will it complement the furniture and curios? These and other uncertainties cross the mind. Result – you might just settle for a safe option wherein you had an option to transform your living space.

To ease the concerns of customers, Berger Paints has taken retailing to another level. It has completely revamped 18 retail outlets in Muscat, Liwa, Ibri, Adam, Salalah, Sohar, Barka, Saham, Sohar, Mabela, Nakhal, Rustaq, Musanah, Rumais, Sur and Izki with another 40 planned in the coming two years. The new outlet provides 360 access for reference, comparisons as well as consultancy.

Through the Shade Display Units (SDU), multiple removable colour swatches can be accessed that illustrate the wide range available within any given product. In addition, there is a three-colour lighting unit within the SDU stand that displays how the colours would look in white, yellow and blue lights.

Berger’s Weathercoat Stand displays a range of premium exterior finishes in large swatches featuring Weathercoat Ultra, Vintage, Selections, Stoneshield and Flex Tex that can be touched and felt. These not only inspire due to its sophisticated looks but is also durable and ensures long-term performance.

Royale Stand Interiors have a Luminotech technology that provides beautiful décor finishes in Royale Sahara, Safari, Italian Stucco, Textiles, Glitter and Metalics Glaze by touch and feel so that the customers no longer have to imagine the luxurious and intense colours.

At the same time, a large screen in the Let’s Play inspiration area shows interesting footage demonstration product application and finish quality besides providing information on Berger’s manufacturing facilities in the GCC.

At the centre of the showroom is a comfortable area for the customer and family to discuss and consult with experts to evaluate options. “The entire experience has been designed to inspire the customer, simplify the painting process and help the customers make an informed choice,” states P.K. Raj, General Manager – Oman. The customers can take their time to browse through the well displayed communication elements, touch and feel the paint panels and be educated on the technical aspects of décor as well as discuss painting options with the dealer before making the purchase. It is a process that leaves room only for choosing what will hold you in awe.


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